An Innovative Hair Salon

If having a haircut makes you feel stressed then maybe it’s a wake-up call to move on. We have so many clients coming in for correction on their hair because of a bad haircut, wrong style/colour for their facial shape when they visit cut-throat salons run by inexperienced operators, or even a $10 hair salon.

In this global economy, we can totally understand and agree to spend less but do SPEND WISER. A good haircut and good salon/home care product can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Imagine the waste of time and the cost of re-cutting your hair. We see so many heads being damaged because of over bleaching or over-processed procedures with wrong products coming in to salvage their locks.

“Don’t have this wrong mindset that it’s just hair and that it will grow back, I hear it so many times from clients” said Murray. Hair grows on average 1–2 cm per month, apart from that you still have to fix the damage, and for some the uneven shape. It will take months to grow back to a decent length so as to be able to shape it back to a proper look.

Our salon has a motto, clients visit us to have a good experience and they trust our skill and that we will provide the best suitable product. It is their wellbeing we are taking care of, they come in to relax, to have their downtime, feeling refreshed, at ease just like home and leave feeling special.


This is our culture…